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Xwayland fractional scaling

The NVIDIA blob uses a custom EGL extension which Plasma 5. e. 5, Compare the size of a product to the size of one factor on the basis of the size of the other factor, estimate, Explain why multiplying a given number by a fraction greater than 1 results in a product greater than the given number Subscribe to this blog. Download distribution-gpg-keys-copr-1. So the GLX part of XWayland is the mechanism that allows GLX-based OpenGL applications to run on Wayland. You can finally set the frequency of your monitors, fractional scaling for much better HiDPI support and each monitor can be set differently. g. This proves somewhat limiting as there are many systems that are just in between the dpi ranges that are good for scale factor 2, or unscaled. I'm able to make chrome usable on my external monitor by opening it using the following command. Viewed 4k times 7. 0-1 3 months ago Wayland is actually pretty stable. Apr 15, 2018 · Done primarily for XWayland which for legacy reasons doesn't assume the logical size of a display is pixelSize / outputScale. Thomas Boxley (tboxley@gnusocial. 18 LTS desktop environment series, adding multiple bug fixes. Currently, we only allow to scale windows by integral factors (typically 2). Wayland native applications should be fine, I think. (BZ#1481395) [Updated 16 May 2018] This update adds the gnome-shell-extension-top-icons package to the Workstation variant of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Base channel. * Bugs fixed: - !78 account: Make parent account usable in case of errors - !79 Improve readability when removing event sources - !80 Fix two crashes when saving parental controls settings - !81 Use g_auto and g_autoptr more * Translation updates: - Bokmål, Norwegian - Dutch - German - Japanese - Romanian - Ukrainian ===== gnome-keyring #!/bin/bash # chromium-start. Thanks to the fix, you can now start a game The Release Notes provide high-level coverage of the improvements and additions that have been implemented in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. Sure, so don't get NVIDIA hardware for Linux. png General questions and answers about FreeOffice 2018 for Linux. 37-1. The reference point is the top left corner so if you want the bottoms aligned this has to be considered as well. Show details from next link. Also mentioned is the Cinnamon desktop environment version 4. If scaling is active, it has to be considered when positioning. For e. Primary contact: Jonas Ådahl <jadahl@gmail. Nov 03, 2015 · [opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20151030 released! + Fix doubly-scaled cursor on XWayland HiDPI (bgo#755099). config/sway/config bar { status_command i3status } Wayland Scaling. But I have never seen fractional scaling on 4k, 27 inch displays, since it was not available until 17. Sort Articles By Popularity (Currently Sorting By Date) sway ships with a default status bar in the form of swaybar which runs in a pure Wayland environment. g GTK, Qt) needs to support these extensions or the applications themselves if no widget toolkit is being used. The reason why we introduce the topic of scaling at the end of the fractions module is because students now have a good intuitive understanding of what a number less than 1 is, i. 1. Beforehand, be warned that the core name changed… As you probably know, up until now, the flavour (if it’s a GLES/GL build) was appended to the Core Name, this caused the frontend to categorize them with the appendix. MFH: 2020Q2 (only documentation update after r531981/MFH 531727) Wed, 8 Apr 2020 Fonts in XWayland weren't as crisp as in windows rendered with Wayland - I put that down to display scaling issues too. Da hinkt es leider noch - Firefox ist kurz davor, den Wayland support standardmäßig zu aktivieren - auf Fedora 31 ist es das schon. This article helps you understand some changes and extra steps you may wish to take depending on your preferences. sh $1 # e. Installing the program i3status is an option to obtain a practical, default status bar under XWayland. Da ora non sarà più necessario scegliere tra un fattore di scala del 100% o del 200% ma sarà possibile selezionare dei valori intermedi come ad esempio 125% o 150%. no)'s status on Saturday, 06-Jun-2020 21:12:20 PDT Thomas Boxley I need someone to code fractional scaling into xwayland In conversation about an hour ago from web permalink Mar 13, 2019 · Fractional scaling is *huge*; people have been asking for that for years, and it's critical for certain resolutions like 2560x1440. I had a compose key! 1 I had found a set of applications that worked well and suited my desktop lifestyle! Life was a dream! interpret multiplication as scaling or resizing, examples and step by step solutions, examples and step by step solutions, Common Core Grade 5, 5. 3d accel for x11 apps), otherwise, it should work. As many of you already know, GNOME 3. Contributed by Maxime Chassagneux (maxime. Sep 15, 2019 · Fractional scaling makes XWayland clients blurry. I can run Firefox on X (XWayland) without any scaling problems. The wayland scale system is based around integers, but because the scaling is based around a normalised co-ordinate system , the compositor can show a display at a scale of 1. 10 Beta (Wayland session). Now that Plasma 5. + Implement locate-pointer accessibility Доступен релиз дистрибутива Ubuntu 19. 29* or older. 00:10 < emacsomancer > maurer: ty. 5). factor for scaling fonts. #892012 Window management - When a semi-maximised a window is maximised and then restored, the window position jumps and window size changes so the the window title bar is sometimes hidden underneath the top bar Pour le fractional scaling, il y a ce rapport de bug, mais ça ne semble pas avoir beaucoup bougé. 1 GTK+ vs Gnome Shell elements on Xorg. 6, which is set to get some big display improvements. com> Secondary contact: Marco Trevisan <marco@ubuntu. 32 includes experimental HiDPI fractional scaling for Wayland, but what you might not be aware of is that thanks to Marco Trevisan, it's also possible to use fractional scaling with the X11 session on Ubuntu 19. but fractional scaling and scale factor per display should be there for Wayland by 3. + Add a Sysprof-based profiler. Phoronix articles, reviews and news stories covering fractional scaling. Jan 24, 2018 · Thanks to Red Hat's Olivier Fourdan, XWayland can now make optional use of XDG-Output for obtaining the output position and size in a global compositor space. 2 Oct 2019 I am using fractional scaling of 150% on Ubuntu 19. This is a quite controversial aspect, and anyone might have their ideas on this (especially OEMs), so far we defined some DPI limits that we’ll use to evaluate weather a fractional scaling level has to be done or not: outside these limits (which change depending we’re handling a laptop panel or Por otro lado Mutter resolvió muchos problemas y añadió nuevas funciones (mejor composición de gradientes, nuevos efectos y más suaves, escalado hidpi (fractional scaling), mejor administración de configuración de bajo nivel para monitores, reducción de memoria con múltiples instancias al suspender, mejoras en rendimiento de libinput Fixed a crash on Wayland when dragging-and-dropping something from an XWayland-using window (e. Just to clarify somethig, even though we need this for fractional scaling (which is quite a bit in the future) it's also needed to fix an xwayland fullscreen bug at regular 2x. KDE Plasma 5. Next lesson. GNOME shell has supported hi-dpi monitors for while. hidpi. 32 includes experimental HiDPI fractional scaling for Wayland, but what you might now be aware of is that thanks to Marco Trevisan, it's also possible to use fractional scaling with the X11 session on Ubuntu 19. Ubuntu Linux News, Apps and Reviews. 5 and document known problems in this release, as well as notable bug fixes, Technology Previews, deprecated functionality, and other details. Prior to the hackfest, mutter had already been adapted to support very rudimentary fractional scaling; mostly involving changing 'int' to 'float', hard coding the scales 1, 1. rpm for CentOS 7 from EPEL repository. 3 days ago 1. Fractional Scaling: One of the big features that landed, although still considered experimental was the fractional scaling feature that has been a collaboration between Jonas Ådahl here at Red hat and Marco Trevisan at Canonical. Org следует включить режим x11-randr-fractional-scaling через gsettings. Apr 21, 2018 · In February after Plasma 5. It also allows the possibility for us to support fractional scaling whilst keeping wl_output::scale as an integer. adriamultimedia. Have a look. 0) Apr 24, 2020 · Для включения дробного масштабирования в окружении на базе X. Do get proper fractional scaling one needs to first zoom in with a larger even DPI setting and then zoom out using xrandr with the desired fractional scale. Firefox) to a native Wayland surface (e. Linux Mint's Clement Lefebvre wrote another of their monthly progress reports on how Linux Mint and their Cinnamon desktop are doing and it's all great news. Из недавнего - добавили поддержку протокола xdg-output, что позволит обеспечить нормальный fractional scaling Author: Jeremy Bicha Author Date: 2018-10-09 00:24:51 UTC Import patches-unapplied version 3. This works fine (even though XWayland applications are generally blurry, but oh well) Unfortunately, it also scales games running in XWayland, causing my to play the game at blown up 1080p resolution. noarch. X. + Relax "xwayland-allow-grabs" setting. A+. 29 Aug 2019 (xwayland apps show themselves up by having black blocks But it all shows itself up rather more when using a fractional scaling factor, like  14 Oct 2019 Wayland has xwayland, which somehow provides mini embedded X forcing me to run with a fractional scaling, which isn't polished yet. com> Relevant GNOME team. I'll have to do some research on this it looks like (I momentarily entertained the idea that the prebuilt kernels might automagically work on foreign distros) [1 minuta čtení] Sonda do světa otevřeného softwaru. 7-rc3 Kernel Released: "In A World Gone Mad, The Kernel Looks Almost Boringly Regular" Dec 10, 2017 · Fixing GNOME HiDPI support after 3. I should mention I run 27" 4K monitors which isn't quick big enough for perfect 2x scaling, but way too small for 1x, forcing me to run with a fractional scaling, which isn't polished yet. 04 'Disco Dingo'. I had switched to Wayland and it (sort of) supports fractional scaling system wide. If I choose to use this decoration here are the problems : If content scaling is activated on the desktop, the Fixed a crash on Wayland when dragging-and-dropping something from an XWayland-using window (e. This is the currently selected item. sway try grim. This article explains how to enable fractional scaling on Ubuntu 19. I had the big monitor with fractional scaling and the little one just running at native resolution. Same for the Colour picker. 10. YMMV. Since its beta is now less than one month away it is time for a status report on what has been achieved and what we still plan to work on. sh "Profile 1" to . the machine I have in mind has the nix standalone pkg manager on it and thus a /nix directory. QtQuick contains a rendering engine powered by OpenGL making full use of the graphics card keeping our drawing super fast, super lightweight and in general amazingwhen things work. desktop Exec= # wmctrl -o 1366,0 ; chromium-browser %U --profile-directory=Profile\ 2 & sleep 3; wmctrl -o 0,0 # $1 = Profile folder name profilename=$1 #2nd Chromium profile specificprofile1="Profile 1" echo "starting Chromium" echo "args: " $1 echo "Profile name The following modules have a new version: - dconf (0. 216] has joined #debian : 00:00-!-TwinKam20 is "TwinKam20" on #debian UPDATING: caution users to backup templates/ before update when updating mail/mailman from 2. And Chrome and hence everything Electron-based don’t support Wayland. Also  When you enable the fractional-scaling option in mutter's experimental key, you will see more scaling values in g-c-c. . Fractional Scaling: XWayland clients support. No word on whether/if fractional scaling (1. I am aware that I suspect that this is because they run in XWayland. In pure X11 at least you have the xrandr scale-up-and-down hack which is awful but more palatable now that has been made part of the Ubuntu desktop (for the This series adds support for emulation of resolution changes through the randr and vidmode extensions. 19. 217. Dnes si vytvoříme bootovatelný USB disk, vyzkoušíme čtečku elektronických knih, nastreamujeme si videa na Instagram a řekneme si o komunikačním klientu, který používá SIP protokol. Any application that's linked against X11 libs and running under Wayland will automatically use XWayland as its backend. 26: 17:10: willcooke: aruiz, ack. Gnome under X11 only has 1x, 2x and 3x scaling. Dernière modification par ylag (Le 03/06/2020, à 22:37) XWayland clients: support clients with native scaling in unscaled screen But resolution 1473x1050 and 1475x1050 have fractional scaling value(1. GNOME 3. I'll add it to the list. + Fix text selection color rendering. 13 if possible Ubuntu 19. 1. 2 (provided by an Ubuntu package). 2, so you can only set the scaling factor to a whole number. Stack Exchange Network. 26. Middle click to mute on sound indicator guest sessions Look at MIRing TLP Gnome Shell performance: Start-up time Dec 16, 2016 · The other major gripe I have with Wayland is that it doesn't appear to support fractional scaling for HiDPI screens. chassagneux at gmail. For example, if the scaling factor for the left output is 2, the relative position for the right output has to be divided by 2. gnome. WLROOTS : a candidate for next AGL HMI framework March-2019 10 WLROOTS/SWAY “unique” features Rotated displays Touchscreen bindings Drawing tablet support Mouse capture for games Fractional display scaling Display port daisy chaining Multi-GPU support How to Enable Fractional Scaling in Ubuntu 20. put: # chrome-start. It is the result. 32 includes experimental HiDPI fractional scaling for Wayland, but what you might now be aware of is  25 Jul 2019 Currently, xwayland apps look pretty blurry on outputs set to scale 2, It'll probably look terrible with fractional scaling, but I'd rather not let that  10 May 2019 Xwayland should set the scale of the buffers to 1, and then the the current " logical" size to Xwayland, in the case of fractional scaling for  As XWayland doesn't have EGLStream support data gets copied the slow way. Jan 18, 2020 · Unfortunately that's only half the solution. 1-1 to debian/sid. Enable fractional framebuffer scaling in gnome: --------------------------->8------------------------- -  4 Jul 2018 Unfortunately when using the experimental fractional scaling option ('scale- monitor-framebuffer') with a scaling factor other than 1, the screen  Hi, I'm using the current F27 beta, enabled fractional scaling like the thing is not GTK3 but running on wayland natively – not with xwayland. Screen-Sharing unter Wayland Fedora liefert bereits seit Version 25 Wayland als Standard-Display-Protokoll aus, was wegen des Sicherheitsmodells von Wayland zu einigen Einschränkungen führte. Bugzilla – Bug 104421 System freeze on wayland with nouveau on NV137 (GP107) and NVE4 (GK104) and GK107 Last modified: 2019-12-04 09:35:04 UTC Does anyone know if there exists a DE that scales GUI based on DPI and monitor size? There's a 15" 4K laptop and 27" 4K monitor that I want to use side by side. About 2020 Archwood Dr Wayland, MI 49348 (616) 460-3284 - Gun lake house / small gun lake house with access to lake during the day no over night boat parking / access to lake is located just across the street nice clean place good for one or two persons (RLNE3769351) Other Amenities - Smoke Free- OUT SIDE ONLY, Yard- SMALL FRONT YARD, Patio- SMALL OFF SIDE OF HOUSE. 33. Now, most x11 apps i use allow their UI to be scaled using a command line switch, so what I'd like to do now is to disable XWayland scaling, so that all X apps scale to 100% using Mutter, and I will use command line switches to scale I'm guessing you are as I believe Gnome 3. el7. 04 Disco Dingo Oct 31, 2019 · Fedora 31 Workstation comes with a Firefox backend moved from X11 to Wayland by default. 3 it sounds like the distro will detect when scaling should be enabled and apply it automatically. it X11 windows [mutter] Disable clutter's high dpi scaling Sun Feb 09 15:22:34 GMT 2014 [mutter/wayland] Disable clutter's high dpi scaling Sun Feb 09 15:26:04 GMT 2014 [mutter/wayland] Fix build Sun Feb 09 15:39:32 GMT 2014 [gnome-shell] st: Add high dpi support Wed Feb 12 18:46:42 GMT 2014 - Added high quality scaling. Fractional scaling is still considered experimental in GNOME 3. sharp when you need scaling for example. The GNOME Extensions SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop/SUSE Linux Enterprise Workstation Extension is backed by award-winning support from SUSE, an established technology leader with a proven history of delivering enterprise-quality support services. @danielvanvugt No, that's different When you enable the fractional-scaling option in mutter's experimental key, you will see more scaling values in g-c-c. On Wayland fractional scaling works fine, I use it on my laptop. If you enable fractional scaling in Xorg sessions then you may encounter reduced performance and screen tearing. It did work, its just some things end up being blurry (fonts are blurry) and that was too much for me. I think the first big stone is probably guest session in gdm (or not, as the case maybe), and then see how much time we've got left. So, very cool to see this major program get Wayland support and thus high quality HiDPI support. Apr 24, 2020 · Hi, I am using GLFW to do Vulkan rendering, and I was wondering if using Wayland is possible with GLFW actually. Imported using git-ubuntu import. 36. 3) - epiphany (3. Contributed by Ubik Load Pack (support at ubikloadpack. # A list of the modules to build. This works fine (even though XWayland applications are generally blurry, but oh Multiplication as scaling with fractions. 17:10: Source0f1 59995 Allow user to change font size with two new menu items and use jmeter. My temp workaround is using font scale at 1. A requested feature is to allow fractional scaling for QHD monitors which are roughly 1. 139 Released With VK_EXT_robustness2 Extension; Linux 5. 6 hours ago · However, Xwayland apps like Firefox stable (and chrome) render blurry with fractional scaling. 5 etc) will be implemented. Org Phoronix XWayland is a part of XOrg that's providing an X server on top of Wayland. 4) - evolution-data-server (3. X11 apps may appear blurry under a HiDPI Wayland session (via XWayland), as per-display scaling is not supported on X11. There are two possible workarounds: Only use scaling factors that are multiples of 100%; or ; Log into "Ubuntu on Wayland" instead. 1 point release, with one of the main fixes being that the blur effect now works properly with fractional scaling. This affects GNOME on Wayland only. 1 is now available as the first point release to the latest Plasma 5. 2) s podporou hidpi a fractional scalingu v linuxe maju maslo na hlave aj autori kompozitorov. 24 qui doit sortir cette semaine (mais qui ne sera pas proposé dans Fedora avant la version 26 prévue pour le mois de juin), ils ont normalement corrigé les quelques bugs restants concernant Wayland. Wayland now features drag-and-drop between XWayland and Wayland native windows. Gnome wayland session Gnome wayland session Some clients such as Xwayland, however, need this to configure their surfaces in the global compositor space as the compositor may apply a different scale from what is advertised by the output scaling property (to achieve fractional scaling, for example). Gnome-Desktop Team . png; XWayland - https://0x0. nf. Sinon, dans GNOME 3. The advanced text editor Kate was similarly updated to work with HiDPI screens throughout. 21 Apr 2018 This also works, thanks to Xwayland, but of course in a Wayland session we want This is one step in allowing fractional scaling on Wayland. Background: Many parts of Plasma are powered by QtQuick, an easy to use API to render shapes/text/buttons etc. fractional scaling. One of the big features I’m pushing on is a visual evolution of the Breeze theme. Although the location was chosen mostly because it was the one closest to Jonas and near enough to my temporary place, it turned out to be the Mutter build with Ubuntu patch for Xorg fractional scaling on Manjaro - puxplaying/mutter-x11-scaling The topic was fractional scaling, and this E-mail aims to summarize what was done, and future tasks. I read gnome comes with wayland by default since some time now, but does Manjaro respect that or does it still install xorg-server? I mean if Manjaro Gnome comes with wayland by default or do I have to switch it in the configs? I’d appreciate if anyone using gnome and Po vypnuti fractional scaling 200% funguje korektne. Нативно - https://0x0. Support for these extensions is needed to be added to the Wayland compositors. Anything that has to use XWayland (which I think includes current Chromium) ends up blurry as it's not using optimal scaling compared to toolkits like Gtk and Qt that have native Wayland support. 10 for Wayland. 5 each. + Honor startup sequence workspace on wayland. Clipboard I am stuck in this section and really worried, what is the exact way for knowing that which number is greater than 1 or less than 1/3 x 575, 4/3 x 575, 5/6 x 575. 30. Arch wayland. 04 with GNOME 3. However, X11 apps are blurry now, and bypassing the scaling for Xwayland is not as easy… So I made some changes to my Ports fork to enable Wayland support in more apps. Here is a nice summary of the procedure. 32 using both Wayland and X11 (default) sessions. 32 released Posted Mar 14, 2019 20:51 UTC (Thu) by kmare (guest, #113077) [ Link ] Jun 07, 2020 · tboxley: I need someone to code fractional scaling into xwayland I need someone to code fractional scaling into xwayland This entry was posted in GNU Social on June 7, 2020 . So we are announcing the release of an updated Ozone Wayland backend for Chromium, based on the implementation provided by Intel. Wayland: Multi DPI Setup The smaller number of the fractional scale is the distance on the map, the larger number in the scale is the distance on the ground. 2 => 3. org improves upon XFree86 in terms of the way the project is coordinated, the way the codebase is organised and the approach to graphics acceleration. The chess game Knights had a one-line fix in version 19. WLROOTS : a candidate for next AGL HMI framework March-2019 10 WLROOTS/SWAY “unique” features Rotated displays Touchscreen bindings Drawing tablet support Mouse capture for games Fractional display scaling Display port daisy chaining Multi-GPU support Mar 10, 2019 · That’s because normal programs don’t have access to the screen buffer due to security reasons. 2. May 22, 2019 · Fractional scaling is ok in Wayland but XWayland clients are unusable because of their blurriness. [tk_dialog] [tk_dialog] broken by TIP 44 changes #c8c8c8 504356ffff 2002-01-17 09:51:29 Bug Closed 84. com). they have the Fractional Scaling. Practice: Fraction multiplication as scaling. 0) Fixed a common crash in the System settings Display Configuration page when configuring displays (David Edmundson, Plasma 5. I used tty console to go to the As previously announced, few days ago I attended the GNOME Fractional Scaling Hackfest that me and Red Hat's Jonas Ådahl organized at the Canonical office in Taipei 101. st/zEAr. Nvidia has problem with OpenGL in Xwayland (i. 1) - eog (3. (BZ#1566867) # Last Changed Type Status Subsystem Summary; 3c6660b6f0: 2020-05-24 10:57:58 : Bug : Open : 88. We finally spent some time for defining an algorithm for picking the preferred scaling per mode . Ask Question Asked 3 years, 8 months ago. 0) Command option Sample:aws ec2 request-spot-fleet Search command sample in the internet. Messages by Date 2020/05/11 [cantor] [Bug 421229] Some plots are not displayed Nikita Sirgienko; 2020/05/11 [plasmashell] [Bug 421326] New: Window decorations aren't responsive after waking from sleep bugzilla_noreply > Because the proprietary Linux driver doesn't support Wayland. scale. It worked but after log out of my session, I can't start my Wayland session (Gnome) anymore through the GDM login screen. You have to use the screenshot program that comes with the particular Wayland compositor you are using or one that has explicit support for it. Proton 5. People don't seem to compile long lists about how the Mac doesn't really have an NVIDIA option, it's considered that your hardware is restricted in that way on the Mac and so you're going into it knowing that. Bug 59995 - Allow user to change font size with two new menu items and use jmeter. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. com) Bug 60654 - Validation Feature : Be able to ignore BackendListener. org is an evolution from the XFree86 project, that became the widely accepted "reference" implementation in 2004. st/zEAs. I've found that I can make XWayland applications such as Chrome "usable" as a work around if I open it using GDK scaling. It has taken quite some time since the initial hackfest as it is a complex task, but we are getting close. I enabled Fractional Scaling feature under Wayland with that command:$ gsettings set org. Description. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop/SUSE Linux Enterprise Workstation Extension 15 has a 10-year life cycle. 0 => 0. Firefox on Wayland is so close. 125%, it really just looks like the 100 % text was zoomed in a I just realized i'm running firefox in Xwayland mode. Currently, on GNOME Wayland fractional scaling is experimental and has a bug upstream that the framebuffer is scaled incorrectly and appears blurry - that's for XWayland apps. This week a lot of work was put into improving the reliability of the "Get new [thing]" feature integrated into many KDE apps and System Settings pages. 18. Multiplying fractions. This in turn can be useful for X11 XWayland clients to support fractional scaling, as explained in this commit . The info from the Arch Linux Wiki was most useful for this. 오래 걸리는 라이브 세션 시작 설치 미디어가 느린 구형 하드웨어(예: 구형 USB 드라이브)에서는 기본 스냅을 시드하는 동안 라이브 세션을 시작하는 데 몇 분 정도 Un altro cambiamento che farà la gioia di chi utilizza monitor 4K è il supporto al fractional scaling. There are warts though, when using Wayland. Jun 28, 2020 · I'm using Wayland with a 4K screen, and I set the screen scaling to 175%. 4 Fractional scaling in Xorg sessions. 16 is frozen and almost out the door, we’ve started turning our attentions to Plasma 5. com) 60654 Validation Feature : Be able to ignore BackendListener. Fedora 31 released with extensive feature sets and updates. However, Xwayland apps like Firefox stable (and chrome) render blurry with fractional scaling. 1 Wayland; 1. Igalia has been working in a patch for a long time now but AFAICS there are many blockers open that don’t seem to be a priority for Chromium developers, so any ETA from some months to some years would be purely speculative. In the case of native Wayland clients, the used widget toolkits (e. It's all already there and driven by mutter. I'm using Wayland with a 4K screen, and I set the screen scaling to 175%. I'm using the Athlon 3000g instead of my main gaming machine and it works on full quality by a slightly reduced resolution due to fractional scaling in gnome. 25, 1. 5 Along with solution by Computerish about allowing wayland to configure scaling per (Wayland) application. 12 was released we held a meeting on how we want to improve Wayland support in Plasma 5. Jun 02, 2016 · Wayland is still in development and will not replace X as the main windowing system anytime soon. 08. Taipei, Week of 5 June. 3-1 Но для нормального перехода и существует Xwayland, который к слову очень активно дорабатывают. Marco Trevisan on Fractional Scaling continued, to get XRandr backend and XWayland clients support. 1 Fractional Scaling. The hackfest was attended by me, Marco Trevisan and Shih-Yuan Lee. Defaults to the GNOME core and tested apps. With the final release of Fedora 24 arriving on Tuesday, I've installed each of the six desktops on a different laptop or netbook. And fractional HiDPI scaling was pretty easy to add. 75x, the size I’m used to. Dolphin or Plasma) (David Edmundson, Plasma 5. That’s just another step in the ongoing effort of moving to Wayland. ) does not work for you, There will soon be support for fractional scaling as well. Don't post application-specific questions here, but in the appropriate subforum. So I am down to 1440p, or 4k with fractional scaling. 5 whilst clients May 21, 2020 · Hello everybody, I've got a big problem. When using scaling (doesn't have to be fractional, either), X11 apps are being upscaled, not downscaled, resulting in blurriness. Turns out a lot of complex applications run fine — LibreOffice (!), Inkscape, MyPaint Sep 28, 2017 · So I’m thinking it’s time to switch DE and I’d like to try wayland already and if possible keep it for daily use. It works great at 2X, which covers most screens, but there are those where 1X This is however much useful for Xwayland to advertise the output size and position to X11 clients which need this to configure their surfaces in the global compositor space as the compositor may apply a different scale from what is advertised by the output scaling property (to achieve fractional scaling, for example). 2 Oct 2019 Enabling fractional scaling on my desktop which is attached to a single with fractional scaling until fixing the blur with XWayland applications. 04 Disco Dingo. Lets chose inches. Готовые образы созданы для Ubuntu, Ubuntu Server , Lubuntu , Kubuntu , Ubuntu Mate , Ubuntu Zudem kommen Besitzer von HiDPI-Displays in den Genuss von Fractional Scaling, einer Methode für eine feinere Abstufung bei der Skalierung des Displays. 16 added support for. + Fix black shadows when using fractional scaling. I had i3 set up and I had the keybinds ingrained into my muscle memory (just about). Try our free exercises to build knowledge and confidence. 6 Sep 2019 As many of you already know, GNOME 3. When using a fractional scaling factor of i. Official Chromium on Linux desktop nowadays From the vague commitment to improve HiDPI in Cinnamon 3. And there are important X11-only clients: chromium, everything electron-based and others. 4. Hope you will appreciate it. Multiplication as scaling is not restricted to fractions, after all multiplying by whole numbers is also scaling, so is multiplying by decimals. mutter experimental-features "['scale-monitor-framebuffer']". There is a […] Some small bugs related to crashing were fixed in the 3. - Made scanlines better aligned to scaling. Actually opening a window (I am using Gnome Shell), will provide a plain white decoration around the window. May 17, 2018 · Project Name Developer/Owner Status Justification/Comment RHEL developer program integration: Debarshi Ray: We want to make it easy for Fedora workstation users to enroll in the RHEL developer program and set up RHEL vms Wayland solves this by adding protocol extensions for Wayland and XWayland. My distribution of choice is Linux M Gnome wayland session Jun 09, 2019 · Week 74 in Usability & Productivity initiative is here!. This is meant for 4k and above monitors, but can actually be used at any lower resolution that is large enough to display the scaled UI. The resolution is not actually changed, instead Xwayland will use WPviewport to make a (fullscreen) window at the requested resolution fill the entire monitor, as the window would if the resolution was actually changed. По умолчанию графическое окружение по-прежнему остаётся на графическом X11 windows - ao. Nov 28, 2017 · Here is the problem with sticking with 100% and 200% and avoid fractional scaling, the 200% equivalent of a 27 inch display is a 5k monitor, and those are like 1. 6 on Linux Mint 18. 32. Fractional scaling does not work with the NVIDIA proprietary driver (bug 1870736, bug 1873403). Themed Tk : Wrong ttk::checkbutton and ttk::radiobutton scaling on The long-anticipated big update to Mupen64Plus-Next has finally arrived! Important Information and notes. 26 upgrade December 10, 2017 • 3 min read I have a Dell XPS 13 with a HiDPI display and ever since I updated to GNOME 3. It is rebased on top of latest stable Chromium release and you can find it in my team Github. April 27, 2020. Wenn apps über Xwayland lauf gibt es leider ein pixeliges Bild. Vulkan 1. - Fixed TIA 'Center' option, Stella now remembers the last windowed position. This package was previously available only in the Optional channel. So I want this for 5. 3 => 3. Also, several Wayland improvements landed, including subsurface clipping. 2 Text Scaling. 5. The only issue that bugs me is that XWayland and GTK2 applications (like GIMP) look blurry, and I don't know why it happens (maybe some GNOME guy here can enlighten us). 04 LTS. Based on the terse conclusion to this bug report filed against Cinnamon, I’d say no! Log: opened Mon Jul 22 00:00:19 2019: 00:00-!-TwinKam20 [~TwinKam20@216. This searches our archive since the launch of Phoronix in 2004. Partly fixed: Requires manual activation. Oct 14, 2019 · Fonts in XWayland weren't as crisp as in windows rendered with Wayland - I put that down to display scaling issues too. The problem though is that XWayland applications are scaled by upscaling their UI, making them extremly blurry. 13. We can rewrite our fractional scale as a verbal scale: Multiplication of Fractions and Scaling will help students practice this key fifth grade skill. In Wayland, Gnome has experimental support for fractional scaling - including 1. Wayland apps look awesome. how can we know that which one of them greater or lesser (1/3, 4/3, 5/6)I am stuck in this section and really worried, what is the exact way for knowing that which number is greater than 1 or less than Fractional Scaling Hackfest. 32 fractional scaling is only available on Wayland. the fact is that X is a mature system, it simply works and is expected to be found on Linux/unix systems, so, even when Wayland become the main windowing system for unices they should have X as legacy option. kde disable wayland, As many of you already know, GNOME 3. So if we take our example scale (1:62500) we can choose units we want to measure distance in. MacOS to vyriesil uplne jednoducho a elegantne: Quartz podporuje iba integer scaling, fractional scaling sa robi na urovni crtc, ekvivalentom `xrandr --scale` (ano, rozlisenie framebuffera je ine Mar 10, 2019 · That’s because normal programs don’t have access to the screen buffer due to security reasons. 3. + Prepare for running Xwayland on demand. У меня hidpi и fractional scaling, так что sway иксовые приложения очень заметно размыливает при растягивании. It come back to the log in screen each time. 5 times the resolution of standard monitors, but not the full 4k. The 3 main goals are: Draw the Shell UI at a higher resolution than what the logical pixels correspond to Unter Wayland funktioniert fractional scaling wunderbar - vorausgesetzt du nutzt Wayland clients. 10 Is The First Time We've Seen (X)Wayland Gaming Performance Match X. 2 Xorg. Meaning xwayland windows that position themselves are wrong in a scaled environment. Fedora Linux the Linux distribution developed by community supported Fedora project and sponsored by Red Hat lands yet another milestone with the release of Fedora Workstation 31. All one has to do is add following snippet at the end of your sway config: ~/. Creates a Spot Fleet request. A requested feature is to allow fractional scaling for QHD monitors which are  7 Jul 2017 WRT fractional scaling, my understanding of the design in mutter is Xwayland not downscaling the advertised output size > > (needed for  Note that apps that use XWayland (most non-gnome & non-kde, like Firefox etc. It requires setting the KWIN_DRM_USE_EGL_STREAMS=1 environment variable to activate. Xorg 세션에서 Fractional scaling을 활성화하면 성능 저하와 화면 찢김이 발생할 가능성이 있습니다. * Include the fractional part in the bgcolor # Last Changed Type Status Subsystem Summary #c8c8c8 449261ffff 2001-08-09 07:47:47 Bug Closed 35. I am using GLFW 3. 17. In practice, it is used currently mainly by the compositor to expose the current "logical" size to Xwayland, in the case of fractional scaling for example. Apr 20, 2019 · Subject: Re: Bug#927667: gnome: please confirm or revert choice of Wayland for default desktop Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2019 14:23:13 +0100 Dear Simon, Thanks for taking the time to file this, I had been meaning to in the week leading up to Easter but I was unable to get much computer time. Other aspects of the "Wayland experience" with NVIDIA such as XWayland compatibility are outside of our influence. Changelog parent: 977df917bf92af4 9bae8393ba302c4 8570831f3e Issues this hackfest is aiming to fix, with the stated aim of being to ‘support different fractional scaling values in Mutter and GNOME Shell, by upscaling the widgets and then downscaling to the requested value at composing time’. Live Session can take a long time to start Author: Ubuntu Git Importer Author Date: 2020-06-07 19:16:42 UTC DSC file for 3. 5 Release Notes document describes the major changes made to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 operating system and its accompanying applications for this minor release, as well as known problems and a complete list of all currently available Technology Previews. Hot Topic: Linux Mint 20 Blocks Snap App Installs, So Here’s the Workaround Linux Mint 20 disables support for Snap apps entirely on your behalf, but in this post I'm going to show you how to re-enable it by deleting a single file. Active 2 years, 11 months ago. + Only emit 'grab-op-end` signal after dropping grabs. 2 KDE Plasma. 26 it’s been a bit of a mess with the window scaling and external monitors. Im playing around with wayland (on Fedora 24) and Not really, the goal of xdg-output is not to address this, its role is to expose the current monitor layout (including resolutions and position) in a more desktop oriented protocol. - Added 'HiDPI' mode, which scales the UI by 2x when enabled. The Mutter update also now honors the startup sequence workspace on Wayland, fixes around fractional scaling, adds the new Sysprof-based profiling support, adds mouse and locate-pointer accessibility, consolidates the frame throttling code, improves screencasting support on multi-monitor systems, fixes running X11 applications with sudo under Author: José Dapena Paz Introduction Future Ozone Wayland backend is still not ready for shipping. This one-line fix to add automatic scaling based on the pixel density of the monitor will make viewing documents on fancy monitors so much better. The screens which really can benefit from fractional scaling - mid-size 4K desktop displays, and 12-14" laptop 1080p displays (though see above, they don't look bad with text scaling, really, for Fractional scaling is now available on Wayland as a Technology Preview. xwayland fractional scaling

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